Monday, December 12, 2011

Nike Chosen Bagga'loots

Last week I started filming for Nike The Chosen together with Oliver Kimmich, Malte Casper and Simon Clemens. We had the Snow-Dome Bispingen for ourselves (except for the snowcat driver, who did not have his brightest time that night, but more on that later). Got an 4x6m greenscreen for that purpose and filmed an intro to our crew. Check it out after the break. We as well had Lennart Ritscher for some awesome photos and some behind the scenes footage with us. Shout outs to Klaus Ziethmann for your help, Lennart for your photos and knowledge, Snow-Dome Bispingen for the support and the possibility to shoot at night and install a greenscreen and my girl for some additional camera and moral support.

Go check out our Nike Chosen page here and make sure you like everything you see, we need your help on this. Thanks!