Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Destroy a Snowboard

We destroyed Ben Buschke's board yesterday for The Angry Snowboarder, check it out:

Winter Season is over

but summer season lies ahead. It's been the last day of Blackcomb today but the glacier will open on June 18th. 18 days without snowboarding, since last September I haven't had such a long break.

Had a blast on Gaper Day today though. Check the pics.

Oliver Kimmich

Monoski Frontflip



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whistler Wednesday Episode 6

Here it is, a nice and mellow spring edit. Enjoy it!

Song: Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix)- Two Door Cinema Club

Filmed on a Canon Rebel T2i

Supported by Beaverwax, The Escape Movement, and Evolution Whistler

How sick is that

Look what we just got:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canucks going to the Stanley Cup final

After a couple days of rain, clouds and slush on the mountain in the last week it is opened, I was really looking forward to the game today. And the Canucks didn't let me down. Leading the series 3-1 against San Jose and just one more win to be the winner of the Western Conference and making it into the Stanley Cup final, they were back 2-1 in the last minute of the game. Scoring 5 seconds before the end of the third period, the game went into overtime. After nerve-wracking one and half overtimes (~30 min) Bieksa was the only one who knew where the puck was and shot it in the net.

Good luck in the finals.

Bieksa and Luongo killed it in todays game

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Pow of the Season, seriously.. I guess

Had a wonderful day yesterday. Good weather, nice temperatures, good crew and 20cm in the last 24hrs made it the last perfect pow day of the season. Chasing fresh tracks over the Blackcomb glacier and under 7th Heaven, having such a good time. God damn, I love this place.

Our tracks while chasing the pow. Couloir Extreme, Horstman T-Bar, Jersey Cream Windlip, 7th.

(This was actually taken a couple days before. But.. you get the idea.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Park Edit with Family Tree

End of April I have been filming in the Blackcomb park with Ryan Kenny and the Family Tree crew. We had an awesome days, nice spring slush and the riders were killing it. Lots of fun, check the edit.

Spring 2011 Park Edit from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.

Another sweet edit by Ryan Kenny of Family Tree. Enjoy the eye candy as these boys slay the awesome spring conditions in the Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Parks.

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Kenny. Additional filming by Arne Zeising.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whistler Wednesday Episode 5

There has been no edit for a bit now but therefore this one is pretty good.
Filmed during the Intersection with Family Tree.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Technicolor CineStyle Test

Technicolor presented a super-flat Image Style at the NAB and released it a few days ago. I did some test shooting yesterday, keeping the same exposure and changing the Image Style between Technicolor CineStyle, Marvels CineStyle LowC and the Standard Canon Image Style. You also see a Color Graded shot of the Technicolor CineStyle where I tweaked up saturation and contrast super simple in iMovie.
Filmed on a Canon Rebel T2i/550D.
Check it out!