Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I do all day long

Cause I've been asked for footage of me, I made sure to get some shots of me during the last (perfect) days.
I am not taking it too serious right now because I don't want to ruin my season, especially after I heard my should cracked on the first day here and 4 of my 5 housemates got knee problems, I avoid rail riding pretty much and stick to some 50-50ies and don't improve there too much. Therefore I have the time of my live chasing the pow (and filming my buddies).

Thanks to Jordan for the shots.

Had an awesome day today, hiked for a bit in the beautiful sun, got some awesome shots of my boys killing a pretty steep face and afterwards hitting a pow kicker for a couple of hours. Check the pics.

Me after the hike up to the top of Blackcomb

The view up there.

The others hitting this amazing face. Wait for the shots in next Whistler Wednesdays Episode.

Jordan pulling a pretty perfect method.