Sunday, April 3, 2011

It is spring

Not much to read on the blog, reason for that mostly is me being lazy, not too much sun in the last days.
Therefor it was supposed to be good today, sunny, warm and only very few clouds.

Well, what should I say. Had a great day though not everything worked out well.
The second I got in to the gondola it started snowing out of nowhere. Got up to the park, flat light, not what you are looking for if you want to film. The sun came out again, but it snow was too sticky for the riders to hit the jumps. So not much shots there.
Then wanted to film with Jamie, unfortunately he broke his skibinding just before we could start filming the big kickers while performing a hockeybrake on a small kicker to not land on a kid which was sitting in the landing.

Finally went to the Blackcomb Glacier together with Jordan, Adam and his girl and did a little hike to get some pow in the sun for the last run of the day. Was really sweet.

I also pulled some photography skills, check the pics.